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About the Blog:


In the midst of the pandemic of 2020, I started to think about my purpose, this led me to writing. 

Flash forward one year to the summer of 2021, I began writing frequently. I wrote about my life, my experiences, and hope. 

When my fall semester of college started though, I went through a really difficult, lonely time in life. I got distracted and stopped writing, or doing anything I usually do. 

Suddenly, one day in January, I realized there isn't any time. People may need to know the hope I have today because of their tomorrow. 

I started to plan, a lot. I started to write, a lot. 


This blog now consists of my experiences- my life. 

My goal is to help other people through the difficult times that I went through, to do life with my readers. 

So I encourage you to read, subscribe, comment; 

join me on this journey of life.

About the Person Behind the Blog: 

Waking up each morning I drink coffee and read; whether it's a busy day at work ahead, involvement in service, or just hanging out, my favorite hour of the day consists of quiet time. 

My best ideas come to me when I have a pen in one hand and matcha in the other. 

I've tried to run, but I would rather write and do squats. 

The color pink understands me (obviously). 

Last year I tried three new things: blogging, blonding, and breathing. 

This year I'm focusing on consistency, rest, and walking in victory. 


Read more about it in the blog...


"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."


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