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Not a blog. It's a short. Like YouTube, but with words. 

Casual thoughts, provoking thoughts, silly thoughts, life changing thoughts. 

Cardboard Box


Control: The Box Method

Some of the best advice I've ever received form my dad: "You can't control it if it's not in your box."

Picture it with me. There's 2 boxes, one is huge, and one is very, VERY small. The big box is everything you can't control, while the small box is everything you can.

When a problem arises, first ask yourself: 

"Is this in my box?"

If it isn't, there is no use in continuing that thought any further. Do not even let yourself go down that path of worry. It's not in your box, it's not in your control, breath, and let it go. 


More thoughts... 


Coming soon. 

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