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Failures VS Faith

How do you see yourself? What are some of the labels you choose to believe about yourself, claim, or walk in? What are names that you call yourself? Do you see yourself how others see you and believe what they have said about you? Are you defined by your past mistakes, failures, and faults?

I have good news for you. God wants to replace all of the past labels in your life. He wants to rename you. He wants to take away the negatives of how you see yourself and replace them with the truth. He wants us to see ourselves like He does.


One of the first disciples we know as Peter, but before Jesus he was known as Simon. When Simon meets Jesus, he is changed-no longer defined by anything of the past, no longer defined as his old self. Jesus renames him, saying "you are now called Peter."

When we come to Jesus, He does the same thing for us. We are no longer dead in our sin, we are alive in Christ. We don’t have to live in shame, guilt, or believe the lies spoken over us. We now have freedom.


This idea is illustrated in Hebrews 11. This chapter is known best for pointing back to people of amazing faith; it not only inspires us, but challenges us to step out of our comfort zone, and to hold onto the hope we have in eternity over our present sufferings. (It's great, I recommend reading.) But that’s not what I want to focus on, let’s look at it from a different perspective. The people in this chapter were far from perfect. They had many failures that they could have been known for. They had pasts that could have defined them. But God had a different plan.

Let’s look together:

Abraham could have been known for trying to take God’s plan into his own hands, instead he is known for his faith in God’s promise.

Moses could have been labeled a murderer, but God chose to call him a faithful leader.

Jacob could have been known for deceptiveness, but he is known for his faith as he worshiped.

Rahab could have been defined by her past as a prostitute, but instead she was defined by protecting the people of God.

The scriptures goes on to mention more great faith figures, such as Samson and David. Both of who could have easily been labeled as failures or “sinners,” but while they others saw their failures, God saw their faith.


So my challenge for you is this: will you continue to let your past define you? Will you continue to let your failures define you? Will you continue to live in the negative words spoken over you by others, or even the lies you tell yourself? Or are you going to see yourself how God sees you:

His child. Righteous by faith. Saved by grace.

Grace and Peace,




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