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Season Changes

As the season changes from spring to summer, it brings about new routines, beauty, and even challenges.


The other day I met someone and she began to tell me about her life. To start the conversation, I asked her how she felt and how her weekend went; I cared, but I was just making conversation.

She began to cry. She opened up to me about how her husband passed away a few months ago; her grass was overgrown, her pool was dirty, and she had little to no help with her yard work (these are all tasks her husband used to take care of). Although eventually she found help, my heart felt for her. This is her first summer without him. Without even anticipating it, the change of season brought her new obstacles and feelings, most of which, she likely didn't consider prior to the change.


But isn't that grief?

It may not always be new physical seasons, like spring changing to summer or summer to fall, but rather seasons in our life, transitions. When the season changes, we expect that person to be there-knowing fully well they can't be. The lady I talked with didn't plan on not having her husband there, rather the opposite. I'm sure she almost expected the lawn to be done, just like we do. We almost expect to be able to physically go to the person we've lost, to talk to them, knowing that we can't. We long for that during the season changes, we long for them again.


Most times the season changes in life are hard. They bring us constant reminders of what we've lost.

Our overgrown lawns look like a first year of college without your best friend. Our undone yard work presents itself as a wedding day missing your most cherished person.

The changes are difficult. New seasons in life bring new waves of grief. I don't have a fix for this, but I do have hope:

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."


You're not alone, although the seasons change, we can rest knowing our God never changes-He is always there. Take heart. He has overcome the pain we face in this life.

Grace and Peace,




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