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Welcome to Life After High School (and beyond)

“That is exciting, this is a big step in your life…” is something along the lines of what Bob Goff told me after I graduated high school. Let me clarify, I’m not good friends with Bob, but he put his phone number in the back of his book so I used it; the real reason for the call was to invite him to my graduation party.

He couldn’t make it, we live basically across the country, but I still remember (broadly) what he said.


Bob is right. After high school is exciting, it's a big step in our lives. It's a new chapter in our books.

But that doesn't make it perfect. It’s awkward, it can be lonely, it can be confusing or even why do it alone? Join me, and our community as we navigate this new life full of endless opportunities. Maybe you'll be able to relate to the posts I write, so you won't feel so alone. Or maybe you don't feel alone and just want some motivation and study tips, I can help with that. Whatever it is, let's do this life together.


Life After High School isn’t just for recent graduates; it can be for anyone.

Almost graduating high school? Get a step ahead and read.

Graduated years ago but still lost? Keep reading.

Just graduated and have your whole life together? Contact me, I want to know the secret formula ;) None of the above? Give it a try, you never know what will happen.



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