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Welcome to Mindset Moments

What is a Mindset Moment?

What is "Mindset?"

“Mindset” is something we hear frequently. You see it on social media, blog posts much like this one, your friends tell you, and more. When life gets rough, most people challenge you to change your mindset, and I agree.

But what if people don’t know how to? What if most of us are lost on the next steps towards a healthy mindset? It's like we're running with no end goal in mind, we don't know where we are going, we just keep going towards nothing, getting nowhere.


We need a little guidance.


There are many different aspects to a healthy mindset: a mindset that progresses us, grows us, and pushes us to be better people, loving people, and people at peace with ourselves.

This section of my blog is called Mindset Moments. We are going to go through practical steps to change our mindsets to become safer, healthier people. I'm doing it with you.

Attached to each “Mindset Moment” post will be a template so you can read, evaluate yourself, and take a moment to plan.

Before you read, pray. Then rest and read, don't think yet.

After you've done the reading, there will be questions on the template for you to fill in. Take a second and be honest with yourself. You don't have to show anyone else, be real. Look at yourself from an objective point of view.

Plan. Write your next steps on rerouting yourself to a place of peacefulness once again; it can be done, and you have the community of this blog on your side.



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