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Who's sitting with you?

Life is often compared to a rollercoaster; it has highs and lows, twists and turns, all while keeping you guessing about what is next.

What matters most when you’re on a rollercoaster, though, is not any of those events, but rather who is riding with you; that’s what makes all the difference.


I’ve been to Cedar Point a few times, but I have a very vivid memory of this one time specifically. (Let me preface with: I’m afraid of heights, and basically rollercoasters in general. Watch rollercoaster fails on YouTube, you’ll never want to ride one again.)

My good friend came with me on this trip and as much as she didn’t like rollercoasters either, somehow she persuaded me to ride one with her. It wasn’t a baby coaster, it was actually huge… but I said I’d go with her because that’s what friends do. After waiting in line for what felt like years, we finally got up to the front. I wasn’t just scared, I was absolutely terrified. It wasn't long until we were sitting in the chairs, buckled up, and waiting in anticipation. As soon as the ride started I was shaking in fear. I reached over for my best friend’s hand to hold and comfort me, but she refused the request. There was another person we knew on the ride with us and she saw the incident, reached over, and grabbed my hand, saying she would hold it to help me not be afraid.


That day, what made the difference wasn’t the rollercoaster; what made the difference was who I had in the seat next to me. While my best friend was distracted, my other friend offered a comforting hand.

Who are you in the story?

Are you going to be the person who reaches out a hand to help or not? Who do you have sitting next to you? You pick the passengers of your life.

Are you choosing someone who makes fun of your fears, your ambitions, your goals? Or are you choosing someone who supports you, who is going to stand by your side? It’s important to have a good group with you on this rollercoaster; a group full of people willing to say:

“here, hold my hand, we’ll get through it together.”

Grace and peace,




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