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Have You Ever Flipped An Egg?

I'm not good at flipping eggs, I haven't had enough practice. I'm better at breaking them, but still not an expert. This is the main reason I rarely make a fried egg, my yolk always breaks in the flip.

My dad is a professional chef, I like to say. He has given me a few tips on how to flip the egg:

1) Make sure the pan is warm before adding the egg.

2) Keep it close to the burner so it stays hot.

Yesterday my house had absolutely no food, so I had to resort to making an egg. It was either that or stop at Starbucks before school, and since I've had a Pumpkin Spice Latte everyday since they came out, I thought I would take a break (just kidding, I went after class). But for breakfast, the egg it was.

I turned on the burner of our new stove and made the egg. It was going good, then I went to flip it. I went through the tips my dad told me and was fairly confident (but not totally). As I tried the flip, I pulled the pan back and the yolk broke.



I used to be an optimist, those of you who know me are probably laughing, but it really is true. When I think of passionate, I think of my sophomore year of high school. My best friend and I were on top of the world. We laughed way too much every day, in every class, and brainstormed even more. We could fill books with our crazy commercial ideas, apocalyptic escape routes, tv shows, persuasive speeches on why to go outside instead of do real class work, and basically all other world changing ideas. We really believed that anything was possible. We believed that there was no ceiling or limits, we could accomplish anything we put our minds too. We believed that we would make the world a better place; our ideas would explode, causing a ripple effect of other world changers to engage. We would spend whole days thinking of ways to make a change, to offer people hope, to move forward and engage in the world. We started a recycling center, called Jimmy Johns with a really cool idea, and even made a YouTube channel (unsuccessfully, but that didn't bother us). We were absolute dreamers, full of ideas and ready to take risks and take on the world. It felt like we never did homework or any school (trust me, we did lots), but we were there to become more creative versions of ourselves, to become love and to love others. It was beautiful.


Not long after that I became afraid; I went through a tough time and became hurt. It made me colder and more closed off. I didn't have the same passion for making a difference, I knew I wanted to but it didn't seem as possible. I think this happens to all of us. As children we believe that anything is possible, that we can make a difference, we can be anything we want to be and there is no limit. We have ideas and crazy executions for them. We take risks and start "businesses", sing in talent shows, shoot for the stars, but as we grow up we go through different experiences that make us colder, cynical, closed off, or maybe just less passionate, less optimistic.


Side note: I don't always think optimism is seeing the best in every situation, I think optimism is recognizing that we should have faith because there is better. Optimism is about seeing the potential in the people around you, in the world, it's about believing in a better tomorrow and that we can help make it that way.


The ideas that you have are waiting for execution. The arrow was never meant to stay in the bow forever.

But they aren't going to be successful if you execute them like I flipped my egg. I let the fear of failing keep me from succeeding. I pulled the pan back and broke my yolk. I got scared to follow through when I flipped it. Don't do the same with your idea. Give it everything you've got. Stop holding back. Maybe your yolk has been broken before, but this time could be different. Have a little more faith, a little more optimism, and I think that when you and I both do that, we will make the world a better place, with more hope and more over-medium breakfast eggs.

Grace and Peace,




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