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Vacationing with the Achatz

If you haven’t been on an Achatz vacation, which you most likely haven’t, I feel bad for you. Simply put, they are some of the best times of my life. The Achatzs’ are most of my favorite people. Being in this family is basically like being in the Avengers. Everyone has their own speciality, but they blend together perfectly. To put it lightly, it's like having a great team you can always count on; not just to give you solid life advice, but to make you laugh, relief stress, or even a shoulder to cry on.

By now, I’m sure you have a hint of how awesome they are, so you can only imagine how much more awesome the vacations are.


The fun begins as soon as you arrive. We used to go to cabins (they were my favorite, but I’ve been outnumbered), we’ve stayed at hotels, but recently we’ve been clocking our time at VRBOs. These are extra fun. You never know what you’ll get. It could be a house that looks flawless in the pictures, but isn’t even 1/2 finished when you arrive: missing small details like siding or filling for the holes in the wall. (That would never really happen though, would it?)

Usually each family takes a day to make breakfast. We’ve had everything from waffles to crepes to eggs benny, ranked top 3 in the country, (at least it should be ;)). Sometimes we eat breakfast together and other times everyone does their own routine.

We always have at least one campfire night. It's a tradition, we discuss our best ‘mallow stories and plan a new church event. There is nothing quite like it.

One of the days we find water. If it isn’t attached to the house in some capacity, we will gladly travel for a beach. I’m not a fan of sand, but I don’t think the kids would say the same, (except maybe Tessa). Multiple years ago, we had a pool. That was the life. We actually stayed at a castle that year. Don’t get too excited, the doors didn’t lock completely and it had a hundred foot drop inside the house, basically.


Some of my favorite Achatz vacation memories are: doing an (almost) all-nighter consumed by laughs with a small group of us, my quiet Jesus time, binging tv shows, reading Nancy Drew books, pizza in the pool, having a squirrel in the room, quaint coffee shops, and a few that should remain nameless. But I think my absolute favorite aspect of family vacation is all of that together-fellowship with the family.


After explaining all this, I’m sure you want to go. (I don’t want to offend you, the invite for our family vacation is exclusive). But there's nothing like spending time with the people you love most.


When we focus on what’s important in life, it's about who we love: God and other people.


Achatz vacation is my happy times, place, and memories. I'm sure you have your own-when you’re surrounded by the people most important to you, when your heart is filled with love.

A month ago now, we were going out to eat at Culver's for my cousin's birthday lunch. I hitched a ride with them to the restaurant. I was excited, it’s fun to be in a car with kids, you never know what they’ll say. Only minutes after we left church, the youngest asked, “What will heaven be like?”

A question I think we have all thought to ourselves a couple times. What’s your answer?

Some people think heaven will be boring (I don’t know when God created it, and dinosaurs - they aren’t boring; God isn’t boring). Others think it will be endless church, interesting.

But what was the answer? My aunt responded to her with this: I think heaven will be like an endless Achatz vacation, but with everyone you love.

My heart was full. I think that’s what heaven will be like too.

Endless love, fun, joy, peace, and fellowship with who we love the most. Who can say no to that?

Grace and Peace,




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