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It’s time to tell your story

Sometimes we take life for granted. We go about our day, waiting to get done with work, waiting for the weekend, waiting for something better to happen.

One of my favorite authors posted about losing his friend recently and unexpectedly. He ended the post with "Hug your friends. Respond to their texts. Laugh with them as much as you can." It's sobering but it's true. More times than we would like to admit, I think we take life for granted. We don't cherish the time with the people close to us and we don't appreciate the value of life itself. Some people don't see this, or understand it, and that's okay, but that's why I want to share with you a different perspective.


There's a quote that says, broadly, "Beautiful people are made." What does this mean? These are the people that have been through the worst things, but because of it, they can have a different understanding of the world. It's not necessarily better, it's just different. These people choose to see life how it really is: unpredictable. They choose to see the world as it really is: full of hurting people who need hope. When you look at the world like anything could happen, you start to value the importance a little bit more. When you look at people like they need hope, you care a little bit more. These beautiful people make the most out of bad situations, they become selfless, always looking for how to help someone else. They become more compassionate, knowing that other people can struggle-even when it's unseen. They are filled with a deep concern for those hurting, and find ways to comfort them. The list goes on. These beautiful people who choose to not let their suffering define them, but grow them, don't just happen, they are made.


I used to think it's not fair what I've gone through, and that no one would understand. But maybe that's the point; not for me to make people understand my pain, but to help people understand life in a different way, to tell my story. After all, isn't that why you're joining me on this journey- to learn about me as you learn about yourself? My story has many different facets, some of them you know and some of them you don't, but I think part of my message is this:

To show people a different perspective on life. To teach people that what makes life so beautiful is that it eventually comes to an end, we can cherish people more and love harder. Once we realize this, I think we really do hug people a little more, respond to their messages, laugh with them, and spend more time on what is truly important. In the process, we also realize that there are more hurting people out there than one might think. There are people who need hope. We never know what is going to happen tomorrow, so we have to share that hope today. My story is how God is good no matter the circumstance, good like a Father and a friend. Even in the midst of tragedy, anxiety, grief, and confusion, I have a friend that is always by my side- faithful till the end. I can see life as something beautiful, but something that ends, making Jesus the most precious gift of all, and truly changing my perspective.


What about you? Your story will help people. Why aren't you sharing it? You have the potential to be one of those beautiful people who has a completely different perspective, someone that changes the world. Are you ready to tell people?

There's a story about the early church found in Acts 4. After some authorities told Peter and John to stop talking about Jesus, they responded "We cannot be quiet. We must tell people about what we have seen and heard." Shouldn't that be us? Even when we go through the worst circumstances, God is good to us. We can help other people with our stories. How can we keep quiet when there are hurting people out there that need your help? What you've been through might be the only story someone can relate to. Share it. Don't stop. Don't keep quiet. Don't be afraid. You are going to do great things.

I wrote about anxiety I had in my recent blog. A few weeks before I shared that, my pastor challenged us to pray a bold prayer: "God break my heart." This is so we would have broken hearts for broken people, to have God break our hearts for what breaks His. While I was writing my blog on anxiety, I couldn't stop crying. My heart was truly broken. I had severe anxiety, it felt crippling, but I have hope. Even in the midst of anxiety and depression, I can stand on the name of Jesus. But there are people who can't say the same. My heart broke for them. If it was so bad for me, I can't imagine what this life would be like for those who experience the deepest hurt and don't have the greatest Healer. I broke for them. In between tears, I asked God what to do to help these people, and He so clearly told me: "Tell them what I have done for you."

So here I am. Telling you what He has done for me, telling you my story. Thank you for listening. I encourage you to keep listening, share the stories you hear, and most of all share YOUR story.

Grace and peace,




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