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The Small Stuff

I wrote a blog a while back about looking down, being distracted, taking our eyes off of our calling. I still hold to that, and I'm not going to repeat myself, but rather re-iterate my point-from a different perspective.


There was a day when I had relief from my months of consistent stress. I remember it very clearly: February 24th. I worked, got a Matcha Green Tea lemonade at lunch, wore a winter coat because it was technically winter, and the sun was shining. When I think of that day it still makes me take a deep breath, everything felt ok. I wasn't stressed or anxious, I wasn't trying too hard to be a "good person," I was just living my life.

Saved by grace, walking in faith, breathing in peace.

That day ideas flowed for my blog, I planned (as pictured) in a restaurant because I was so excited for the future. With no excessive worries or pressure, I was able to be freely creative; I was able to be freely me.

But I soon went back to not being in peace, being worried, striving for unattainable perfection, putting constant pressure on myself, all partnered with intense overthinking.


I remember my dad used to always say "Don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff."

I never quite understood. Aren't there big deals? Isn't everything you do important and impactful? In the world we live in with social media, everything you do is known and judged, how is that "small stuff?"


I think I'm beginning to understand a little bit more. It's small stuff because once we trust Jesus, our future is secure. We can rest in His peace of having eternal life with Him and our families. We don't have to be so anxious about what happens in this life, because there are very few big deals. If we trust Jesus, love Him, and tell others about Him, what is there to be anxious about? I understand the struggle, but it's time to refocus, again. The small stuff is everything of this world, there is nothing to sweat because we are no longer of this world.

Sometimes we get so concerned with ourselves and trapped in our heads that we have microscopic views. Shouldn't we stop focusing on ourselves, stop sweating the small stuff?

Let's have a telescopic view.

We are all human, bound to make mistakes, able to have hope, given the choice to be eternally saved, living one life that we don't get to redo.

Can we stop sweating the small stuff? Can we let a little more roll off our shoulders? Can we stop being offended so easily, but rather give a little more grace, a little more mercy? Why don't we show a lot more love, you never know how long you have these people on earth. Let's stop taking everything for granted but act with a little extra gratitude.

The end is written. It is finished. It's all small stuff, live like it.

Grace and Peace,


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