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World Changers

I've been inspired, ever since I was young, to make a difference. My favorite books, movies, and stories always included someone that made an impact beyond themselves, a true difference in the world. From Tomorrowland, to Captain America, to the life of Nancy Drew, I knew that I had to be a part of a story like that; I had to be one of those people who made a difference in the world, truly changing it for the better.

Whether I was watching, reading, or listening to inspirational figures, I've always thought:

That person is going to be me.


My office is filled with sticky notes (some giant and some regular sized) of ideas, plans, and questions. I’ve stayed up nights brainstorming. I’ve spent days creating and thinking, hours reading quotes and other people’s ideas, but I still face one of my hardest thoughts: how do I do it...

How do I make a difference?

What am I most passionate about?

How do I make this world a little bit better then it was before me; how do I change it?

If I have an intense desire for this, why don’t I have direction?


Writing this blog, I truly believed could change the world, I still do.

Words and ideas, mixed with passion and hope, led by the Spirit are a divine combination.

But while planning for my blog, I looked up a lot of other blogs and how they became successful, researched many influencers to reuse their ideas, even started to take more pictures of myself, and read books on influencing. My thought process was that the success of my blog laid in numbers & readers, resting on what other’s say, and if I followed the previous bloggers, I would get there. This might be true, but was that my original goal? I thought if my blog was successful, it could change the world, and the path to success was to follow the paths of others.


Today the realization came to me-

How can I change the world if I’m just like the world?

The idea of having many followers and popularity overshadowed the truth that, though we are in the world, we are not supposed to be of the world. (John 17:16)

We’re meant to be the difference, like salt and light. What we touch changes because of the very people we are.

If we’re like everyone else-there’s no change.

We are distinct, different, we are world changers.

This eye opening moment inspired me and redirected my focus to “seek first His kingdom, and all will be added...” It inspired me to be different, to be change, to be salt and light; not to focus on followers, but to focus on my real goal:

Being the change.


I still don’t know specifically how to change the world, I don’t know that there is a "secret formula."

But I do know that He who began a good work with carry it out to the day of completion; the passion I have to make a change isn’t a mistake, it’s a calling-

A calling to be different. A calling to be the change.

I challenge you to be the same.

Grace and peace,



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